Deirdre Kelleher – shares a ‘Day of Archaeology’ (07/25/13)


Deirdre Kelleher
Doctoral Candidate
Temple University Department of Anthropology
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today I spent the morning reviewing and revisiting copies of historical maps of Elfreth’s Alley in Old City Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA). The Alley is considered one of the oldest, continuously-occupied residential streets in America and is a National Historic Landmark District. As part of my dissertation research at Temple University, I have conducted fieldwork at Elfreth’s Alley the past two summers. This summer, with the help of fantastic volunteers, we began exploration of the back portion of two properties owned by the Museum of Elfreth’s Alley (124 & 126 Elfreth’s Alley). In the afternoon, I met with my advisor Dr. David Orr to discuss my research plan for the rest of the summer based on the results of shovel test pits in the back lots. This evening, I am going to review more paperwork and field notes in preparation for the field work next week.