Call for Presenters! Explore Philly’s Buried Past, 2017!


“Explore Philly’s Buried Past, 2017!”

The ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past!’ day-long event presents to the public the latest archaeological artifacts and site discoveries from the tri-state area (Southeast Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware). Over the past thirteen years, more than 350 presentations of cutting-edge, archaeological research have been made to thousands of members of the local public. Join us this October to share your latest news and ideas.

Co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum and
Independence National Historical Park.

A Pennsylvania Archaeology Month and International Archaeology Day Celebration.
Date: Saturday October 7th, 2017 (10:00am-3:00pm)
Location: Hosted by the National Constitution Center
(NCC Kirby Auditorium, 525 Arch Street, Philadelphia)


**Who presents at Explore Philly’s Buried Past?** Archaeologists, archaeological enthusiasts, and others involved with archaeological evidence in the region are invited to present their research findings pro bono, joining with the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum’s effort to encourage interest in, and support for, the area’s archaeological heritage. Past presenters include graduate and undergraduate students, high school archaeology club members, avocationalists, teachers, digital media and computer science researchers and historians.

**Event Format** This is a day-long program of informal presentations with one morning and one (longer) afternoon session, with a break for lunch. There are often video shorts or interactive media presentations that take place during the lunch period. Some limited space exists in the lobby area for Posters and small table displays.

**Presentation Types** The program includes a few 15-minute, publicly-directed presentations. However, the majority of the presentation slots are for highly popular three-minute long, lightening round presentations that highlight interesting finds, sites, or research problems/ideas.

NOTE: Presenters that are archaeologists (including college majors) must be paid members of the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum to participate as a presenter (a $15 annual membership fee). See:…/2…/06/membership-form.pdf ). PAF membership dues are used to support the publicity costs for the ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past’ annual event. Non-archaeologist presenters are invited to join PAF but are not required to be members in order to present at ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past’.

**Who is the audience for this event? (Whom do you ‘aim’ your talk to?)** The event usually draws between 100-200 attendees. In the past, the audience has included members of the African American and heritage preservation communities, college and high school students (some doing projects), community members of neighborhoods where excavations were recently conducted, general residents of the city, a few tourists visiting the Independence Mall area, and people with a long personal and or professional interest in either the history of the city, African American history, or in archaeology generally (e.g., tour guides, local lay historians, journalists, etc.). There are sometimes a few archaeological colleagues and a sprinkling of leaders and or staff from various local civic entities (municipal and state agencies/offices, non-profit museums and foundations, and or institutions) who are present most likely because of the community outreach more so than for an archaeological update (which they would pursue through a more traditional archaeology reporting avenue). Many attendees stay all day — although a large portion of the audience comes and goes throughout this day of public programming.

**History of the ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past’ event** For nearly 20 years, October has been designated as Pennsylvania Archaeology Month. In 2011, International (National) Archaeology Day was also established (the third Saturday in October) by the Archaeological Institute of America with dozens of supporting archaeology associations. ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past’ debuted in Independence National Historical Park (INHP) in October of 2005. INHP continued to host the event annually through 2009, co-sponsoring the event with the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum. Starting in 2010, the National Constitution Center kindly began serving as host (with the Independence Seaport Museum hosting a portion of the 2012 program). Philadelphia Archaeological Forum members and archaeology staff and volunteers at Independence National Historical Park coordinate the program and the publicity for this event. AECOM Corporation (New Jersey) (previously as URS) donates the production of the event’s publicity materials and Independence National Historical Park assists with the postal mailing of these materials.

See past program schedules for previous ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past!’ events (2007-2017) at…/pastevents/
At this time, please indicate your interest in participating in Explore Philly’s Buried Past, 2017! by submitting the following information to by Friday Sept. 1st:

Please include the following 5 (five) things:

1) Your preferred presentation type is…
15 minute or 3-minute lightening round

2) your presentation’s PUBLIC FRIENDLY Title.

3) a 2- 4 sentence long, PUBLIC FRIENDLY abstract describing your topic/artifact — who, what, where, why. **For public friendly text examples see past abstracts at…/pastevents

**NOTE: The event organizers reserve the right to edit text to ensure the public-friendliness of the program.

4) a) Your name as it should be listed…

b) Your phone number is….

c) Your direct email address is…

d) Your desired affiliation is…..^

^ NOTE: Affiliations are noted on the event program that is posted online only. Due to space restrictions, affiliations are not always included on the printed program handed out the day of the event.

5) Please submit also (by email) an object photo if you have one for use in the publicity campaign.

Email the above to the PAF event program committee
via by Friday, Sept. 1st.

Notification of program acceptance will be given by Monday, Sept. 11th — or earlier if the program slots are filled quickly. Advertising for the event– which includes the completed program– begins 30 days in advance of the event (on September 7th).

We look forward to your participation!
Philadelphia Archaeological Forum & Independence National Historical Park