Celebrate Archaeology Month (October): ‘Explore Philly’s Buried Past!’

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EACH OCTOBER, the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum (PAF) co-sponsors the Explore Philly’s Buried Past event with Independence National Historical Park. October is Pennsylvania Archaeology Month and National Archaeology Day also falls during October. This annual Explore event brings forth to the public the latest archaeological artifacts and site discoveries from the tri-state area. Independence Park kindly hosted this event from 2007-2009. The National Constitution Center has hosted the event since 2010, through the present, with the Independence Seaport Museum hosting a portion of the 2012 program. AECOM Corporation kindly donates the production of the publicity materials and Independence National Historical Park assists with the postal mailing of these materials. The archaeologists and archaeological enthusiasts in the region–including student archaeology club members, avocationalists, teachers and historians–present these latest research findings pro bono joining PAF’s effort to encourage interest in, and support for, the area’s archaeological heritage. See the program schedules from past year’s events below…



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2013 PROGRAM INFORMATION… click here…
2012 Program
Pt. 1 – Sat. Oct. 13th — Life in the City and Beyond, click here…
Pt. 2 — Life Along the River, click here…
2011 Explore Philly’s Hidden Past!
2010 Explore Philly’s Hidden Past! Celebrate Pennsylvania Archaeology Month.
2009 Explore Philadelphia’s Hidden Past! An Archaeology Month Celebration.
2008 Explore Philadelphia’s Hidden Past! An Archaeology Month Celebration.
2007 Explore Philadelphia’s Hidden Past! New Discoveries in our Town.

Check out our 3D animated video promoting October as Archaeology Month in Pennsylvania! This 30-second-long public service announcement (PSA) was created by digital media researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia. The PSA is designed to be broadcast on the 40 foot high, ‘Crown Lights’ marque set atop the 27th floor of the PECO building in downtown Philadelphia where it runs for several days each October. The PSA features four artifacts excavated from historical archaeology sites located in Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. This PSA is a joint project of the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum, Independence National Historical Park, and Drexel University’s Department of Media Arts. Learn more about this PSA’s development here and about our first PSA here…


Archaeology Month is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc., and the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council. Its purpose is to increase awareness of the important historic and prehistoric archaeological sites in the Commonwealth. These sites are part of the heritage of all Pennsylvanians. Everyday, archaeological sites are destroyed. We hope that through the Archaeology Month events, more Pennsylvanians become aware of this part of our history and work to protect our endangered resources. Learn more here…

Every October the Archaeological Institute of American (AIA) and archaeological organizations across the United States, Canada, and abroad — including the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum — present archaeological programs and activities for people of all ages and interests as part of International Archaeology Day. International Archaeology Day is held each year on the third Saturday of October. Learn more here…

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