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Philadelphia’s rich archaeological heritage is a mainstay of the city’s tourism Industry. Local projects provide the city’s residents with exciting opportunities for high school National History Day topics, sites for volunteer service, college internships, and more. Philadelphia’s archaeological sites provide both the nation and the local community with powerful rallying points for national and social identity. (Patrice L. Jeppson, Ph.D., Cheyney University of Pennsylvania)

This city’s unique archaeological heritage, and archaeology’s unique contributions to the city, help to keep Philadelphia a vibrant and beautiful place for the city’s resident’s and its millions of visitors. (Archaeologist Dr. David Orr)

PAF serves as a Consulting Party on several city, state, and federal development projects. In July, 2012, PAF members visited the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation’s (DRWC) West Shipyard excavation as part of a consulting party tour.

PAF Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Archaeological Forum (PAF) is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of archaeological resources in the City of Philadelphia. Established in 1998, the organization aims to further an awareness of Philadelphia’s rich archaeological heritage through educational programs and activities which reach beyond the professional community. PAF also advises agencies and the general public on archaeological matters and encourages communication about, and support for, the publication of information concerning the archaeology of the city.

PAF Membership Is Open to Everyone

The membership of PAF includes, among others, avocational archaeologists, architects, historians, journalists, school teachers, college students, community organizers, university researchers, private sector archaeologists, retired persons, preservation specialists, and museum professionals.

PAF Activities

+ Monthly meetings to plan activities and share information about current archaeological research projects
+ Dedicated Consulting Party on multiple city, state, and federal development projects, regularly
assisting allied concerns (such as the Philadelphia Preservation Alliance) and other local and special
interest groups (e.g., Philadelphia Neighborhood Alliance, Delaware River Keeper)
+ “Web Page Central” for Philadelphia archaeology– Gray literature, events, online exhibits and
publications, local news coverage and more
+ Email discussion forum (listserv) and a Facebook page
+ Co-sponsors of Explore Philly’s Buried Past!, a day-long event held each October as part of
Philadelphia’s contribution to Pennsylvania Archaeology Month
+ Co-sponsors of a book and a documentary film on Philadelphia archaeology
+ Co-sponsor of the 2005 and 2011 Pennsylvania State Archaeology Month poster

Philadelphia Archaeological Forum Awards

The PAF Douglas Heller Award
Established in 2012, this award recognizes unusual actions or activities of individuals and or organizations that have furthered the cause of, and support for, archaeology in the city of Philadelphia and or its hinterlands. This award was created in honor of Douglas Heller (1955-2012), a member of PAF who also championed the archaeology of the President’s House site at his website USHistory.org, and who developed, and also served as webmaster for (2007-2012), the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum webpages at www.phillyarchaeology.org. Membership in the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum is NOT a requirement for nominee consideration. This award is not bestowed annually.

The PAF Award of Merit
Established in 2012, this award recognizes individuals and or organizations whose actions have helped preserve, protect, and or educate others about the archaeological resources of the Philadelphia area. One or more of these awards may be bestowed annually.

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Meet some members of PAF (and check back as we periodically add to this page)

AJRAnthony Ranere

SchuylerRobert L. Schuyler

doug-copyDouglas Mooney

DaveOrrDavid Orr

MarshallBecker-1Marshall Becker

12717888_10154065779802937_1822695477363178470_nPatrice Jeppson


In Memoriam
Michael Parrington
Douglas Heller
Daniel Crozier
Daniel Roberts
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By email at: phillyarchaeology@gmail.com

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Philadelphia Archaeological Forum
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